Sabrion partners with XDI for Digital Product Innovation and Business Transformation in RFA and CPG

Sabrion and XDI announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will provide full end-to-end digital transformation sales and services for product companies through consulting, implementation, support and maintenance of Dassault Systemes 3DExperience platform Product Lifecycle and Manufacturing solutions.

The agreement brings together strategic consulting to assist product companies in discovering innovative business and IT solutions that improve their product portfolio, reduce overall spend and stream their process to optimize their return. 

Sabrion is a leading digital consulting group that provides discovery, blueprints and roadmaps for digital transformation projects and XDI is a world class reseller and implementation provider for Dassault Systemes 3DExperience platform and a thought leader for Virtual Twin in engineering and manufacturing. 

“We have always seen XDI as a leader and the preferred choice when it comes to implementing the 3DExperience platform” said Brion Carroll II, CEO of Sabrion “With combining our two companies, we can really strengthen and develop a key advantage to both the product companies and Dassault Systemes. We are working together on many different levels to present massive return and value to our customers” 

Customers of Sabrion will now be able to have a wide range of services and purchasing power to lessen the disconnect on projects when working with many different providers and siloed organizations. As the need for each industry segment varies, Sabrion is demonstrating this advantage to the Retail, Apparel and Consumer Goods segment first. This is because of the recent impact due to economic changes and supply chain management. 

Sabrion and XDI feel this will present the most impressive and progressive outcomes and best represent the power of this partnership.    “We’re excited to enhance our solution depth with some of the best experience and talent in the sector. This unrivaled skill base from Sabrion blended with our process and technology expertise delivers to our CPG customers the solutions for the forward looking organization. The XDI & Sabrion partnership delivers to organizations 

  • seeking to leverage sustainability for marketing, products, and efficient processes
  • Having complex packaging operations, large number of SKU’s focused on consistent global brand image
  • Having continuous Improvement programs pursuing global best practices
  • Having low visibility across their manufacturing supply chain
  • Looking to rationalize their IT spend across their manufacturing portfolio”

 said Andrew Sparrow, VP Digital Innovation, XDI Services. About Sabrion 

At SABRION we pride ourselves in being one of the leading consulting organizations, bringing thought leadership to any company that wants to strengthen their product development cycle, marketing strategy, enterprise architecture, monitoring capabilities and organizational change management. 

We perform the IT audits, due diligence as well as business value assessments for companies that want to be a market challenger. We also provide recommendations to companies that wish to innovate using industry best-in-class solutions for NPD, CAD, 2D Design, PLM, MDM, AR/VR, Training, IoT, Industry 4.0, for a full Digital Twin and the Digital Thread end-to-end solution.