Recent Engagement and Industry Subject to Change


Work with retailers to adopt trends by creating new and innovative business models that blur the physical and digital worlds. Digital transformation for retail is a radical rethinking of how a retailer uses technology to pursue new and improved revenue streams and new business models. Putting the right product in merchandise planning based on metrics and analytics.  


Develop a digital sourcing and supply chain strategy mapped to innovative transformation. Reduce costing and planning for materials so apparel companies can pass saving to their customers and retain during economic crisis. These rapid Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) scenarios can present a certain return and one central repository for product data.    


Provide solutions that give a detailed playbook on finding the right size of footwear according to the customer's physical nature to maximize the value and comfort. Product Information Management (PIM) and customer insights are critical to the digital success for footwear manufactures.

Consumer Goods

Assist retailers in making the leap from a "brick and mortar" store to a strong ecommerce on-line shop, aided by comprehensive packaging and labeling solutions that allows for an integrated tracking experience; not just for the customer but for the retailer as well.